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Why using a procurement consultancy makes sense right now.

In the context of Covid-19, procurement’s contribution to the organization has never been more critical, whether supporting survival or enabling investment for the future.

  • 66% of companies are now planning to pursue cost reduction efforts in the short to medium term compared with 38% before the pandemic began (1).
  • Cost management and cash conservation is without doubt the greatest priority for the majority of Chief Procurement Officers at this time, with approximately 8 times more day-to-day focus than other areas (2).
  • 86% of procurement leaders observed some level of procurement capability gaps in their teams as a result of the Covid-19 impact (3).
  • Over half of procurement leaders believe that their current teams do not have sufficient levels of skills and capabilities to deliver on their procurement strategy (4).

1 – Deloitte, “Deloitte Survey: COVID-19 Pandemic Shifts Enterprise Cost Management and Transformation Strategies from ‘Save-to-Transform’ to ‘Save-to-Thrive’,” 2020
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3 – McKinsey, 2020 “Reimagining Procurement” survey
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Problems we solve

We can help you with ANY procurement and commercial problems you might have – but these are the most common ones we find.

“I need a plan for urgent cost reduction .”

“I need expertise or capacity to deliver a procurement project.”

“My team have some skill gaps and development needs.”

“The business don’t believe the value we claim to be adding, so compliance and credibility is an issue”

“I need to reduce my supply chain risk and improve the levels of performance.”

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