AVAM COnsult

The Problem

You need to reduce your supplier costs, increase supplier performance or mitigate risk in your supply chain and you need expert advice to help you form a plan.

You may also need help delivering that plan. Or you may need a specific project or category strategy to be delivered and you don’t have the skills or capacity to deliver it in  house.  Perhaps you need key contracts renegotiated. Whatever your challenge, AVAM Consult can provide you with effective solutions.

The solution

AVAM Consult

Cost Reduction

Simply put you know what you need to achieve but you are not sure how to do it.

Most companies spend around two thirds of their turnover on 3rd party spend.

We can offer you a Full Spend Health Check Up and highlight areas for potential cost reduction and value enhancement. Then, we can also deliver this programme for you through our 6-stage Strategic Sourcing process.


You have defined what needs to be done but just don’t have either the skills or capacity to deliver it in house.

We can offer you a fully managed delivery of these projects – whether they be tenders, data analysis, supplier management, bid submissions, renegotiation of key contracts, synergy programmes following an acquisition, change management of a supplier – the list goes on.  They are often one or more of the stages in our 6-stage Strategic Sourcing process.  You name it, we can help you.


Not everything you need doing is a project with a start and an end date. Sometimes there are ongoing requirements for support which you wish to outsource.

We can offer a retainer-based service where certain requirements (such as the management of a supplier accreditation database or the administration of an ongoing supplier performance review programme) can be outsourced to us and provided on your behalf.

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